Why choose DaySun Energy

We are your partners in this walk towards a sustainable tomorrow.  Your endeavour for a better future meets the expertise in business at DaySun Energy.  We are a team of expert project developers who understand your requirement and follow client instructions down to the tee.  From MW Scale solar Farms to low budget power units,  every effort towards a sustainable future counts. DaySun Energy helps you in the effective implementation and execution of your dream project and procures the best and most cost-effective products available.  Our principle four-fold tasks are carried out through experts in the field who understand client considerations and requirements.



  • We devote our services to precision.  This key factor is the driving force for the error-free installation of hundreds of units by our team.
  • Our inhouse team is a set of trusted workers in this field.  With unparalleled experience and expertise this team ensures task completion and precision
  • Site audit to research work to the field execution of the project, association with us makes an effective partner who hands over a functional fault-free unit.
  • We promise a long term partnership where we follow the life span of the
    installed unit and look after and maintain the solar power unit.


This journey towards a brighter future begins with your first step and we are your partner in this journey.

At DaySun Energy,  we value every small step taken towards a sustainable future and we wish to be a part of your dream tomorrow. Whether it is a small roof-top solar PV installation you need at your residence or a futuristic power project which concerns a larger community,  we are ready to be a part of your endeavour. Let the world class expertise at DaySun Energy come to your rescue and handle your solar power projects with precision and expertise.