FAQs Answered

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Here are a set of questions often enquired answered by our team.

  1. What is the minimum rooftop area required to install a solar power unit?
  2. At 1 kw solar panel requires a minimum surface area of 10 sq. m
  3. What happens to the excess power units generated by the solar power system?
  4. The solar inverters can direct the excess energy generated to the grid. This is an added benefit to the consumer because the meter runs backwards during this process and generates the retail value of the energy produced.
  5. What are the major cost benefits of this installation?
  6. Solar power production involves almost zero maintenance and hence the cost cuts down for the users by a large margin. The consumers who have opted for diesel is the main source of power are more likely to benefit from their choice of installing solar panels.
  7. How many units of energy can be generated by a sample solar power generating unit in India?
  8. Solar panels can easily produce 4kw/h per day in India since the country receives approximately 1900kwH/sqmts/ an.
  9. How do the solar panels sustain during adverse weather conditions?
  10. During heavy rains the regular generation of power might be hindered but the unit will still be produced 60% of the energy it otherwise does. During snow you might witness a situation where there is a slowdown of energy production due to the accumulation of snow on the panels.
  11. How do I maintain the unit?
  12. Choosing solar power over other power generating sources implies that you lose only a minimal time in maintenance of the unit. None of the parts of the solar power unit are susceptible to damage since they are immobile. Cleaning the panels one a week is the only maintenance required on a regular basis.